How to tell parents about indian boyfriend?

I'm currently 18 turning 19 this year, i met by boyfriend in high school and we have been dating for 3 years so far. He himself is indian as well, but although we are both from the same culture, we come from dinner clans, and that is an issue with my parents. They want me to marry someone from my clan and they do not want me to date anyone until i finish university. I feel guilty sneaking around to see my boyfriend and i feel its time to tell my parents. My boyfriend told his parents in the beginning and they have been dying to meet me. But i have been hesitant because i know telling my parents about a boy means something but I'm at a point in my relationship where i need to tell them otherwise i could potentially lose him. I love my boyfriend and i don't want to lose him but i am really scared to tell my parents! I have an older sister (23 years old) and she is still single so i am worried that because I'm younger my parents will disapprove. How should i tell them? Separately or together? and who first?

Different clans*


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  • Dinner clans? What is that?

    • sorry i meant different ***

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  • Inform your sister first and she will guide u for the rest of your love life
    Nobody can give better advice than your own sister

    • she knows about him and has even met him, but she doesn't seem to support me in my decision to tell my parents because of her experience with my parents. I'm really worried and i have no idea what to do :\ i want to do right by telling my parents but I'm worried they're traditional views won't let them accept it

    • I'm an Indian too so I can totally understand your concern
      According to me
      introduce your bf to your parents but just as friends nothing more
      Make sure you tell your parents about good things about him once In a while In regular conversations

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  • It's actually depends on you if you want to tell it to your parents now or not. If you tell it now just be ready to face any trials so both of you can save your relationship. Besides, if you really love each other status won't matter at all. It's your choice if you still want to wait for more time until the right time comes to tell then about your boyfriend.

    I know what you were feeling.. I had a bf before and his Indian as well but I am not an Indian like him.