Ever used Facebook to find out if someone was single?

Well the thing is, this girl i was obsessing with for over a year finally gave me her name. I looked her up on Facebook (i know bad me). I just wanted to be done with this crush.

So i found out she's both taken and older than me by 8 years. Its bittersweet. I'm confused, semi depressed, semi happy. :-} :-[

Just glad i can focus on my craft (music) again and stop obsessing over a girl.

Has this ever happened to you?

I only wish i would have known sooner. Dragged out my own mental torture.


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  • I check to see if my ex's are still single... Especially the most recent one, the ex's from a long time ago I check just to see what they are up to but the most recent one I check because I still love him... It drives me crazy, I know once I see that he is in a relationship it will hurt more than the actually breakup but then I might actually be able to move on. :/


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  • well i did sometimes, when i saw some friends hanging out with some hot girls
    searched for them in my friend's friendlist so its ok bro you're not the only one