Help! Need some advice on dating!?

Well after I split up with my ex of 5 years I been single for 2 which I was always surprised to when guys told me that and I was only in my first month of single life. Now, I realize 2 years is nothing.. I been dating a lot since.. but dint have a bf yet. The thing is I don't even want to date anymore.. I been speaking to friends: its like with babies. They don't fit your life at the moment but when they will you realize you 50.

Wondering if there is something wrong with me. But I just can't be bothered. Men all same. Tired of making effort, go off my way to know someone and it leads to nothing. Going through all this exam questions- nah!!. I lost all the taste to this dating, dating site thing nonsense. I don' t feel like dating.. maybe its time when you least expected- my next bf will appear? so they say :)


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  • Don't sweat it! I've been there too!
    But when you least expect it, you might not even be wanting one, when some guy takes an interest in you and BAM! Magic happens! Haha :)
    When you find someone "right", you'll probably go back to the dating world, which is ok. It just may take some time!

    • exactly.. i don't want one. i sort of don't need a relationship. ! can't be bothered..:(

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  • Don't take it for granted that you are able to do a lot of dating. Too many people, especially on this site, don't do any dating at all.

    • I can't even get a date, all I get is rejection. :D

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