Guys. If you're a shy/closed off from your emotions, but yet, a little self centered, how would you show a girl you are into them?

We're friends with benefits, and all he does is talk about himself (in person) and sex (texting).
But he's told me that I was the only one he thinks about sleeping with, and in a way says I'm the only girl in his life, but without actually saying those words...
How do you usually show a girl you're into them if you're more of a conceited guy?


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  • I'm a little conceited, but cautiously so. I'm emotionless for the most part, but to protect a weakness I am aware of. I just approach girls I know I'd have a very probable chance of dating, so I just test them intellectually to tease out implicit things about them until I'm sure I'm not dealing with a total freak.


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  • He isn't conceited. If anything he is self conscious & has little to no confidence from what you stated. I know that may seem contradictory to the behavior he has exhibited but, as a very confident man who is cocky (not conceited, but cocky, huge difference), I am sure my fellow male colleagues here would agree (if they share my personality type) that "he who talks the most, get's the least." Does that make sense to you? Point being a confident, yet cocky man doesn't need to glorify himself other than very seldom. I say this because all this "man" you are with is doing is seeking both approval and an ego boost.

    Further and more to the point of your question. I don't care if the man is shy or outgoing as the fact will remain the same that any and all men who care about only one specific woman will show, by action, that he cares about her. This action can vary between making her his girlfriend, to taking her out, to introducing her to his circle/family, to including her into his life, and to saying the words needed to making her feel both secure in the situation and also making her feel loved and desired.

    As far as your statement goes, there is an old Greek Myth I think you would find enjoyable to read:


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