Was he just shy and nervous maybe?

I met this guy through a friend of mine at a party. After that he told my friend he thought I was cute and wanted to go out with me. At the time I was talking to someone else though, so I didn't want to. I saw him at another party a couple weeks later and he was really sweet to me. A few weeks later he started texting me and I decided I'd give him a chance so we've been texting just about every day for a month. He flirts a lot through texts.
Anyway, last night we got together with our mutual friends. It was a double date I guess. He paid for my food and everything. But through the whole night he barely talked to me. I'm used to being the shy one when it comes to dating, so I wasn't sure how to get him to start talking to me. I would ask him questions and I'd try to joke around with him stuff, but it wasn't working. He asked me questions, but he was being quiet for most of the night. He wasn't really looking at me when we talked either. My friend noticed and when he got up she told me he's usually a lot more outgoing and that I must make him really nervous or something.

I honestly don't know if I like him or not, but I tried to have a good time with him. So does it seem like he was just shy and nervous maybe?


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  • I would say, yes, it was shyness. But the shyness may not be put forth JUST due to him liking you. It could be that he got an odd vibe, just wasn't comfortable with the double-date thing, etc. In essence, he had no game. Even if it was partially due to him questioning liking You, his shyness would be the same pretty much, and he wouldn't know how to roll with it.

    A shy guy isn't going to be very good at pursuing a gal who once wasn't interested, even if due to talking to another guy at the time, then when hanging out in a double-date setting reads that she has wavering interest at best. :)

    I would say flirt via text with him to at least show some interest... and see how he rolls with it. And if you guys are bantering via text decently, just throw out there "Lemme know if you wanna hang out sometime and not in a group of friends, and throw out a date & place and I'll see if I'm open." If he doesn't bite on that, due to shyness or not -- walk. :)


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  • Yeah, he was a little shy, I'd say he likes you.

  • I think he's just shy... Guy's do that and I understand it completely, because in RL I'm the exact same. Guy's get nervous around girl's the like all the time, but it's when they're Shy, like me, is when they have a hard time talking at all.


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