How do I make this guy find me interesting?

I met a guy online and we really hit it off. We started skyping everyday so he knows what I look like and was interested. I'm not very passionate about music but he is. He's very interesting and has all these great hobbies and passions but I feel like I'm boring in comparison. We managed to have great conversations that lasted hours and then we added each other of Facebook and he all of a sudden stopped talking to me. I'm scared it cause he's seen my profile and is not impressed, I don't have a lot on there cause I don't use it that much. I just want to know why, what could have happened and how do I fix it?


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  • Do what you love to do and make no apologies. If he doesn't find you interesting for who you are, maybe it wasn't meant to be. Don't think for a second that taking up a bunch of random hobbies is going to make you more interesting. As a guy, I believe that a girl who is passionate and well-versed in her art is interesting. You only ignite that sort of passion by doing what you love to do.

    So if you want to know how to fix this "problem", the answer is, there is no problem to be fixed. He hasn't written you off yet. If he does, that's life and another reason why it's so difficult to find love in this world.

    You might not be giving yourself enough credit as it is. Maybe you are interesting but got caught up in the comparison game. Don't compare because you'll always find someone that makes you feel insignificant. That's not fair to you, because you are special.


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  • Environment plays a role on being "interesting". James bond is interesting. Has a bunch of money to be. A salsa dancing woman is interesting for she has mastered her craft. An archeologist is interesting. Different types of interesting. Music is passion. Master something thats passionate. Music is art. Music soothes. Music persuades, etc.


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