He said it was just a fling... wtf! Did I miss the memo?

My close guy friend and I hit it off one day at a party. We were talking for a month after that. He texted me everyday and we hung out a lot of times during the week. He would flirt with me on the phone and all this bullsh**. Last week he called me to tell me it was a fling. I really fell hard for him and trusted him because he was a good friend that I had known for couple of years now. His exact words were that "it was fling, he wanted to get with me and nothing more". he then went on to say that he actually likes this one other girl and that we can't fool around anymore because he is going to start dating her (she is my friend also- she always knew that I liked him). I'm so crushed..and that's an understatement. Everything reminds me of him and we all have friends in common, its just so awkward now! I can't get over what an a**hole he is, I really thought I could trust him.


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  • Yea, some guys are just that.

    No mistaking it. And I don't have any words that will actually comfort you either.

    I will say it's time to find new friends though.

    It's not worth it to have those two in your face all the time. Both of them are jerks, and I can't believe she'd be willing to date this guy after the stunt he pulled with you.

    You're better off without them.


What Girls Said 1

  • That stinks, I am sorry for you. He definitely owes you an apology at the very least... but the best thing you can probably do is cut him out of your life right now. It's going to be awful for a little while, but eventually you'll be happier you did it.

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