What advice you would give to a clever guy to become sexually interesting to girls?

Girls, please be maternal and tell me, what advice you would give to a guy who has lots of qualities in his wiseness and inteligence to pursue for a girl?

For you guys, according to your experience, what gifts you have that you used as an advantage to attract the girl you wanted?

How can I use this trait as an advantage to sexually attract girls? What other talents you think they are sufficient and necessary to get girls? Or only wittyness can be enough if I use it in a correct way?


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  • I would look for a girl that has similar interests as you, maybe you're both into science or something? Because then your intelligence and knowledge would impress her. In my opinion, being well-rounded is very attractive just as it is. If you're going on a date, pick something where you can "show off", but dont go overboard. Oh and if you play a musical instrument thats a huuge plus, like when guys play the guitar its super hot <3 :D

    • Thank you. Concerning to topic conversation I'm much more into theology and philosophy something very rare among people, even more to girls... What kind of example you could give me to "pick up something to show off"? Sort of "Kinda crazy the hypostatic union of divine nature and human nature in Jesus, don't you think?" :P

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    • Thank you for the advice and your effort! You are really helpful girl!

    • welcome ^_^

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  • Project a sociable, outgoing personality. In other words, the ability, to provoke laughter and smiles, and engaging conversation. The confidence to be yourself. Women, by large, prefer sincerity and transparency.

    • Writing that all on my note. Now I know what I need to learn to get allt this set of skills except for confidence. Thank you sir.

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  • Hmm, smart guy who is still attractive to women... Perfect example in my eyes is Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. Incredibly smart and that bit adorkable, well dressed and a total sweetie. Not all girls like the brainy type, but the smarter she is, the more likely she will want a guy with comparable intelligence. Best advice to get any type of girl, be kind and have manners, but also have a fun life away from the object of your affection. The more she see's you having a great time without her, the more she will want to be part of that good time. Plus, in the off chance she doesn't take the bait, you have a higher chance of meeting a girl who loves your geeky self. I know I prefer smart independent men over any other type. With glasses. XD

    • Thank you for your advice I have never watched Criminal Minds, but I will check it to study the character of Spencer Reid, so I will try to imitate him. A have a considerable fun life away from the object of my affection, but I don`t have a particularly only one object of affection, that`s why I don`t think I`m geek, for I`m polivalent! But what do you mean of being kind and having manners? Can you give me some examples?

      Oh really you like guys like me! Good! But I`m not geeky , I`m intelectual! xD

    • As far as manners go, try saying please and thank you, opening the door for her, complement what she's wearing if it's nicer than what she normally wears (ex: she's wearing a skirt and cute top instead of ratty jeans and a T-shirt), and just be nice in general. Use some really interesting facts to explain something she's intereated in. ( But don't bring up the fact that there's petrolium in a lot of cosmetics... Instead maybe bring up the roll of make up in Ancient Egypt or something interesting like that.)

    • I see. So I need to bring up history background to the stuff she is doing or talking about right? Shame on me that History of daily life culture is not one of my strongest point... Thank you for advices!

  • I look for humility, confidence and vulnerability

  • Honestly, tenacity is a good one. It's often overlooked.

    But I wouldn't be f-buddies with this guy I'm with now, if he hadn't made it clear to me almost daily that he was interested in me.

    And whenever he could tell I was sad, tried to cheer me up.

    Unfortunately, I ruined it as a relationship by being cold (I'm bad at showing my affection, and I was afraid of jumping into another relationship after my last terrible one)... and I think I'm falling for him, so I'm probably going to have to break it off soon.

    • tenacity... i see. Being "sort of stubborn", persistent in showing what you are really for without hitting around the bushes...

  • Use your mind to explore about female sexual response and healthy sexuality in general. Study good communication and interpersonal skills. Get in touch with your core being through things like meditation.

    You don't want to appeal to the "maternal" nature in women as a man - you want her to view you as a sexy, whole partner who sees her wholeness. The better you are at relating to others and yourself, the less needy for validation. Which is sexy!

    • Ok, I will study about female sexualilty in general and improving my communication skills.
      Yeah I want her to see me as a sexy... I don`t need validation of others but it seems there are people around here who does not like to stay with so much that they even don`t call only me to hang out, but everybody goes... maybe I should ignore all of them but it`s difficult since they are in the same major as me..

    • If they aren't into you, use the occasions to meet girls in their bigger social circle!

    • Thank you so much, witty advice! We could be great friends for sure if you were around here I live! You are such a smart girl!

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  • You know what flirting is? If what you say is true (that you're clever), then it shouldn't be hard.

    Playful sarcasm seems to be what gets most of them hot and bothered.

    • I'm clever but not a pervert. I mean recently i have become perverted, a trait I didn't have in my teenagerhood (even though I was clever and innocent at same time)

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    • Maybe you are not that clever as you claim you are better than me. Of course flirting and sexuality implies each other. In the past I used not to see in a sexual point of view and I was too transparent

    • Yeah, there's no point in continuing this "discussion".

      Lol that guys like you exist.

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