How to tell when a date has no potential of leading anywhere?

I'd like to expand on my question a bit to clarify what I mean:

By date I mean the person you're dating, not any one particular date activity.
Do you guys and girls have any tell tale sings that you use to tell that things aren't going anywhere with the person you're dating? As in if no kiss/holding hands/sex by date no. X, then quit and move on.

I just need to know for my own sake because although I'm in my mid 20s, I'm quite inexperienced (though no longer a virgin).

I've been on this date with a girl I met via Tinder twice now and things haven't really progressed. It just seems friendly but we haven't held hands or kissed and when I sort of went in for a mouth kiss on our most recent date, she gave me her cheek.

As such I would like to know (not just this particular girl I'm dating, but for dating in general) at what point should I cut my losses and move on to the next person?


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  • It depends really. I think if you really like the girl and you guys get along and have fun then no time limit should apply before you move on. As for her giving you her cheek she was welcoming the kiss but getting you know she wants to take things slow. So my opinion is if your having fun just catching up and are wanting to continue catching up then don't cut your losses until you find yourself forcing it

  • If there's no chemistry and no connection then I move on


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