Haven't spoken to him in 2 weeks - should I text him?

So here's the deal... We had gone out on a few dates, I invited him out to my place one night as I was having people over. He replied, "of course" meaning he would come. He wasn't able to make it for reasons that were very understandable. He was supporting his friend who had lost his father.
Our conversation that night through text went like this:
Him: I want to come, but I'm just with my friend right now. I'd love to see you so let me know if you plan to go out, maybe we could meet up.
Me: don't worry if you can't make it I understand. We may go out later on.
Him: k let me know would love to see you
Me: k I'll let you know where we are at, but come over anytime if you feel like it.

A couple hours later pass...
Him: how's the night been. Still going?
Me: Ya still at my place, it's still going lol.

He didn't respond after that.
We haven't spoken in 2 weeks since that conversation.

Should I message him?


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  • Yeah. Just message him and ask him how he's doing and if everything is ok.