Should I continue on with women?

I have been married before. I have loved women and been in love before. I want to get married again and stay married. Four months ago my girlfriend and I broke up. I am in love with her. I wanted to marry her but she didn't want me. I have spent the last four months trying to get over her. It has been very hard. I have never felt as deeply for anyone like l feel for her. I'm try to get over her. The pain that I feel is overwhelming. I'm trying to think about whether I'm going to continue to try to find a wife. However I don't want to go through the pain I am going through now ever again. I'm thinking about just dating and seeing women but if I start falling for anyone, I'm going to end it. And I'm also thinking about not doing anything with women. Should I continue on with women?


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  • Yes, yes you should continue with women.

    But without knowing more it's hard to give advice. How good are you at being alone?
    There's nothing wrong with wanting to have a partner and be married but you must be in it for the right reasons. Did your latest girlfriend tell you why she didn't want you? And have you examined why your relationships haven't worked out in the past? You seem to have gotten heavily invested in your relationship without your partner feeling the same way, why is that? Is it possible that the balance of give and take was uneven between you and the relationship took a bigger emotional toll on her than it did on you and she decided she couldn't deal with it for the rest of her life?

    This is where we come to how good you are at being alone. If you only seek out relationships to make you feel better, fill a void and complete your life you are starting out on a wrong path. Get good at spending time with yourself and figuring things out, like what desirable traits you have as a partner... more likely than not, the right woman will find you.

    TLDR; Figure out what hasn't been working in the past, work on it, then try again. That's life.

    • I didn't meet her expectations. Good points. They try to change me because they say I'm a good man but not quite good enough to marry. They get tired of try to change me and can't accept me for me. I try to change for them but I'm not successful. I'm okay being alone but prefer not to be. I work on myself a lot but still mot good enough.

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    • *expect me to accept them...

    • It's a well known fact that women who succeed at "changing" a man are often dissatisfied with the results. Any woman who expects a man to change FOR her is also in the relationship for the wrong reasons and you really don't want to spend the rest of your life with a person like that. If anything you've been dating the wrong women.

      However, there are often things that need to change within a relationship and those are most often related to communications and expectations. Compromise is also very important. This goes for both parties. No one should be forced to mold themselves into the others ideal partner.

      In the end, all anyone can do is be a good, well rounded person who has their own stuff figured out before entering into a relationship. Sadly no one really does that.

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  • You should take a break from dating and relationships and just spend some time on yourself


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