I Don't Have Feelings Anymore... Now What?

This girl and I dated for a summer before breaking up when we went off to school.
Two years later we are done with school, and have been hanging out again to see where things would go.
We got physical, kissed, and had sex twice in the month of seeing each other.
Slowly things started changing with how I felt towards her. So I let her know and said that we should be friends and see where it would go, instead of jumping into the physical aspect of things like we did twice before.
She got mad and says she hates me for sleeping with her. But I told her that I had feelings for her at the time, they only started to change recently and the best thing to do was to be honest with her instead of lead her on when I wasn't interested in dating her anymore.

Am I wrong? What should I do? She said she'll never talk to me again but I feel bad. I feel I did the right thing when I finally realized I didn't have feelings for her. And when we slept together I did have strong feelings for her, I wasn't playing her.


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  • Just let it go.


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  • You did do the right thing. She's the one who can't be an adult and behave appropriately. Sounds like she's got her emotions to sort through. Leave it be and she'll be back around eventually- if she's not an immature child about it.

  • I don't know what's wrong with you but the same thing is wrong with my ex boyfriend whom I loved with all my being. I suggest you try before cutting her off so easily. Think like a woman and over analyze everything in the relationship that makes you withdraw. Feelings don't just fade away without a reason.

    • What's wrong with you that you cannot accept the truth/reality of the situation? Sorry you can't cope with the fact that someone isn't into you, but that's life. It sucks. It's okay to be upset or hurt, but it doesn't mean this guy should string her alone while he's figuring out if he really likes her or not. That's just selfish and you're condoning guys being selfish, lying fools about the situation.

      Also, lol @ asking a guy to think like a woman. Seriously?

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    • I was not suggesting he string her along. I was telling him not to act too impulsive. Perhaps it's not him or her just the timing. Humans in general tend to cut off people they love in moments of stress. That is not the correct thing to do.

    • No, people do not cut off people they love in times of stress. If someone sees you as disposable during stressful times, it means that they're immature and weren't that into you if they see you as easily disposable. In the OP's case, it sounds like that this just wasn't what he thought it'd be. It happens. It sucks to be on the receiving end, but it happens.

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