Would this be something romantic to do for an ex girlfriend?

My ex girlfriend's birthday is coming up in 2 months, she's going to be 18. She hates me, but I still love her, not just as a lover, as a person too. She understands me since I don't get a long with my family.

She likes reading romantic novels and romantic Korean tv dramas. She told me I should read more books, I told her I'd write a book instead jokingly. But I'm too stupid to write a book, so decided to write a romantic comedy movie script that's dedicated to her. So ladies, would you rather have someone give you expensive gifts, or a romantic comedy script that is dedicated to you, where the main female character's personality is based on you?



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  • Honestly, you shouldn't do romantic things for an ex. You will never move on so long as you're doing stuff like this. It will just be awkward for both of you.

    • I never intended to get back with her, even though she hates him I still love her as a person. I'm not doing this to get back with her.

    • That's all good and everything. But the whole idea seems unhealthy to me. It's okay to care about a person and understand that you need to have nothing to do with them anyway.

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  • Alright sorry to be totally upfront like this, but that's just really creepy. Move on because she doesn't want you anymore.

  • That depends on so many things, why you broke up especially if the trust is gone because then whatever gift you do give her is probably going to be underappreciated.
    However, I'd always prefer something personal thought of by the guy as appose to something some poor girl's probably made in another country.

    • Well I never cheated, so trust isn't really the issue here.

    • So I'd go for it!

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