What should I do? is he tired of me?

hey, so I was suposed to spend this day with my boyfriend, he invited me over to his house and I said yes of course but the day before he broke the plans with me he said he didn't want me over his house, he said I had an actitude but I don't think is true, why is he acting like this?, why did he said that the day before?, like I'm so confused, and we haven't spoke today, what does it mean and what should I do?


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  • Perhaps it's your whole way of going about in behaviour and conversation. Sometimes you don't realize you've done anything wrong until somebody points it out, or perhaps he's not being fair. Ask him to explain to you what is that attitude he speaks of and if he refuses to make himself clear, find another guy who won't give you this bullshit.

  • The ones who are closest, are the ones we hurt most. Could have nothing do with you. I've hurt people before because I felt guilty. I wanted to hurt them now to save them later from hurt. Not like kill them, but make them irritated and try to turn them away. I also felt I wasn't good enough to be with someone so, I tried to turn them away. Maybe u did have a little tude, but if you did, you would know. But your asking us, so I believe you did nothing wrong. Do you want him to leave? Because he might try to push you away to "save" you. Be gentle and ask. But if he wants you to go. That is for you to decide.


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