What do you think? maybe I did upset him?

Honestly I care a lot for this guy but I'm starting to see little things like he's stubborn !! And he admits it , all day I never messaged him then when I did he seemed off with me and u could tell but he says he's cool , he said he wanted to messaged but thought maybe I didn't wanna chat today then I told him I missed him but thought he may be busy , then he said I've missed you to and almost texted you 5 times today. He had been confusing today but he says he's tired and had a long day working , he had told me in the past he finds it hard to show his emotions unless he's pushed. I do understand he's been busy and I don't expect him to message but in a way find it cute he missed me to :) how do I deal with a stubborn man? Maybe it hurt him I didn't text? been seeing each other nearly a year it's long distance


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  • Well if he isn't giving you his time, he isn't really being fair, the least he could do is plan ahead.


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