Girls: How to make the move yourself?

So, I've been dating this guy for a while now but he still hasn't made a move on me. Being honest, i'm getting a little tired. I want some action. How can I spark things up, myself? Does he really like me or not? How can I turn up the heat being a girl?


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  • Well im not a girl, but going to voice my opinion anyways like a girl would do... SOoooooo

    For guys there is 2 ways we usually tackle the situation.
    "The planned operation" and the "Shotgun Effect"

    IE, We slowly build up and try to figure out the best way to make our move, or we "shotgun" it and say straight up lets do it.

    In your case however since you are willing to initiate, you either straight up say "Let's fuck" or tactfully ease your way into a situation then you strike!

    Infer that you want to do naughty things, or get drunk with him (maybe bad idea), say you want to go further!

    There is also the chance he doesn't like you but doesn't know how to actually end it. So probably a good idea to find out sooner than later.


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  • I would think if he has not made a move on you, when it does happen it won't be that great.
    For me I can't wait for the first time. Being with someone new is exciting, particularly if the girl sounds like you and enjoys some action.
    I would start a conversation like a friend was telling you she caught her guy looking at p*rn she told you she had a row. You tell your BF that if you caught him watching p*rn you would have wanted to watch it with him, find out what turns him on. If you dont get a reaction from that, then I think you need to move on to a guy more at your level, unless of course you dont like p*rn yourself

    • What do you mean it won't be that great? I don't really know if I am into p*rn, I've never actually watched it myself. But, I'm always into trying new stuff and I shall try this soon! Thank you!

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