Should I message her to arrange another date?

Our date on Saturday went really well, all the positive signs were there, so the night ended with me walking her home and going for the kiss. She then hugged me afterwards. After that we parted ways, but I didn't arrange a second date and thinking that I should have.

I won't see her in person until Wednesday (as we work together), but I'm wondering whether I should arrange something today by inboxing her on Facebook, or should I wait until Wednesday and ask her/arrange it in person?

I've always preferred asking in person over message because it shows confidence, but I don't know if waiting until Wednesday would be too long?


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  • Can you at least send her a message telling her you enjoyed yourself and would like to do it again? That way she's expecting a more concrete plan when you see her Wednesday.

    • So something like "Enjoyed myself on Saturday, hope you had a good evening. We should do something again soon" - Does that sound fine? I'll message her in the morning as it is nearly 2am.

    • Yes I think that sounds good.

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  • You work with her? On different floors I hope! This could be a disaster waiting to happen. There is a reason people dont date co workers. To answer your question you can ask her on Wednesday.

    If you break up won't it be awkward? Id suggest you look to work in a different department or different floor or change jobs.

    • On the plus side, it's a temporary work placement in which I have two weeks left there. If they decide to keep me on, it will most likely be another store, but if it ends up being the same store, she mostly works on the tills whilst I work on the aisles/backroom.

      I'd rather set up another date in person (Wednesday) but thinking that I should follow turtleluv's advice and tell her that I enjoyed my evening with her and hint towards doing something soon, so at least she can expect me to ask her again rather than go silent until wednesday. What do you think?

    • Ok, sounds good you are ready in case it doesn't work out! Maybe Monday night say something like I want to see you again and that you can talk about it on Wednesday in person. But sometimes people get too anxious to start doing more things as quickly as possible. I think you need to find out if she likes being contacted every day or once in a while so you can know how to proceed. I have seen question on here about guys wanting to know if they should be clingy or not. I think it depends on the girl and what you also like and the two wants must be compatible.

  • Yea I think you should definitely ask her before Wednesday otherwise it seems like you weren't too sure and waited too long


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