An observation I made - all the girls seemed to be dating big guys who had very good physical appearance?

was at this weekend food festival for Saturday and Sunday , got to see a lot of people and a lot of young couples. one theme started to become very clear the more datable girls who were actually in relationships all seemed to be dating guys who had one thing in common , they were all bigger/in shape lets say and had physical appearances that I'd say were above average for guys around here. they only seemed to be dating guys who'd fit into top maybe 20'% of guys around here as most aren't that good looking.. of course I don't know what else these guys have going for them maybe there is other reasons the girls like them than just there body but that seemed to be a common theme.

I can understand why I didn't get replies on dating site in this area if that's what the girls here are going for when they actually date a guy , looking for body image that is much better than average. they say they want many other things but you have to wonder if that's really the case or they do want those things but only from a guy with a great body

so yeah do you feel my observation was correct and that's what girls looking for? or not


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  • Well honestly, I go for the buff guys too! It's hot! This may sound really shallow, but I don't like scrawny guys, I go for the guys that are bigger/more muscular. It's more attractive, and they can lift you up easier ;)

    • I didn't feel the girls were shallow for only dating the bigger guys but rather felt they had extremely high standards in terms of physical appearance as a lot of guys not nearly that good looking , you know they had just raised the bar so high most guys will never be what they'd be willing to date

    • Maybe. But if their personality is amazing, it makes up for it. We don't go just for looks, but personality is a big part. And the bar has been raised for us too. We've got quite a bit of insecurities to be worried about. Anyways, yes, we do go for bigger guys sometimes, not all of us, but most. I think it's kind of an instinctual thing, like looking for a "manly man" to "protect us" the animalistic part of us. But like I said, if it's a bigger dude, and he's a complete douchebag, then he's off the list. In reality, nice guys don't finish last. Personality shines over looks. We just naturally gravitate to the bigger guys first, but that doesn't mean we always do that, it really depends on the guy. At least, that's my opinion.

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  • Personally, I don't like guys who are too buff, the guys I like are usually more on the skinny side so, even if physical attraction is important, I think there's a girl for every type of guy :)

    • yes I still think there is girls who would look past physical appearance and date guys for other reasons , however I think there is a good % of girls only looking for guys with great bods and overlooking other factors that make a successful relationship simply to be with a good looking guy. or only willing to date guys with the other things there looking for that have a good body too. say I'm not exactly sure what there looking for but a theme emerged for sure when I was there

    • Except that girls have different taste. Even if a girl is only looking for a hot guy she might have a different idea of what "hot" is. Like certain girls think Tom Cruise is hot while other think he's ugly. After all women can't only like 20% of the male population, right?

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