(Guys) would you chance a relationship with a single mom, even though she won't give it up? (Girls opinion counts too)?

So this guy has been eyeing me since 2011 and now that we just starting to get to know each other, we hang out and watch movies and cuddle. He knows I have a child but that didn't seem to bother him. As bad as I wanted to i didn't have sex with him because I thought it was too soon, and he been straight up with me and told me that he was already talking to someone but he's not dating anyone he's just exploring his options pretty much. We made out numerous amount of times, but when it almost got close to home run I would stop right away. I really like this guy and I just don't want the inner beast to take over n then u end up getting hurt. He says he really likes me and when we hang out n kiss n cuddle he feels an connection. And he says he cares about me n he knows my situation about being a single mom, but he don't want to be tied down. I tld him he's not obligated to take care of my child and he can take his time n we can see other people because I know guys are kind of skeptical when it comes to single moms. But he don't want to leave me alone. What do I do? He's confusing me? He went from "i don't wanna give you mixed signals" to "i can't stop looking at you. I love being around you. " any inputs or suggestions?


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  • Depends on the time. How long will you lead him on?

    Single moms are always a risk. For us guys it can mean many things.

    I can understand maybe your hesitant of men now as well but usually us guys are impatient and cautious.

    To answer your question, you should just be blunt with him. "What is your aim? Do you just want to be my fuck buddy, or do you want to actually stay with me, and take care of me, and love me?"

    If he says he'll love ya, still play it safe and be cautious, don't let your guard down.

    If you are a hot single mom, sometimes we don't care if we ruin you more.


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  • Would I chance a relationship with a single mom, no.

    She won't give it up? lol who she trying to play? Forget it.

  • ujnci ml, u

  • I just went through that either I just won the Bitch Lottery or it's a bad idea...


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