We had one date then he went to training for a month now being deployed?

Soo i met this guy and we went on a great date he had to go to training for a month he is a marine and they are making him stay out longer. I decided to wait for him and he barely gets signal there so we dont talk that much but i feel something with him he called me today and told me when he gets back he has two weeks before he has to go to war zone training then in January he is going to afghanistan for more than a year then will be getting stationed somewhere new every year for 3 years. He wants to end us because we won't get to see each other and i want to fight for us... I told him this and we decided to talk about it when he gets home in mid august. Should i fight for an us since its still new or just give up?


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  • Don't need to saddle yourself with this when it's brand new and you won't actually get to take it to the next level for 3 years.

    He may also want to be free of a relationship while he's gone. Maybe he's doing the right thing and not cheating to hurt you more later.