Am I dumb for giving him another chance?

Anyways I met a guy and we planned a date for this week, he let me know last minute that he couldn't make it. I let it slide as he mentioned earlier that he may not be able to make it. He rescheduled, then let me know way late the day of the new date that he had a long day/night, but really wanted to go out on another day. Now he really wants to take me out, but I don't know if I can do that again. I spent the last couple of days looking forward to the rescheduled date that was cancelled again at the last minute. Will he flake again? by the way I know people are busy, but I feel like letting someone know ahead of time is courteous and will end up with less hurt feelings. Will he bail again?

This time I will let him initiate the next date, and I will not agree until we pick a specific time/place.


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  • i suggest you should tell him "oh i would love to, but i think i'll be busy! another time for sure!" something like that, don't just let him do this to you again, because if you hang around after cancelled dates, he might think its gonna be ok next time if he plans cancelling. we never know he might be really busy! but if he really did likes you he wouldve made an effort. more effort. but its up to you hun, im just giving out what i would do.

    if you do end up saying what i said, you should just go out with the girls or something, take a night out and have fun and try not to worry about it! x