Why doesn't he talk to me anymore? Does he hate me or dislike me? Or does he feel hurt/ upset?

This guy and I met randomly at a bar 2 summers ago. We saw each other and danced and we clicked very well together. (My mom and friend were at that same bar and met this same guy before me at a party a month earlier, but he did not know my mom was my mom because she looks very young and they were talking as friends on facebook). As soon as me and my ex split I went out on a date with this guy from the bar and we seemed to get along very well and like each other, but he was wondering who my "friend" was and if she was really my mom, and he was telling me how my mom always kept on telling him to ask me out while I was with my ex bf who was abusive to me. We had a good date and he wanted to make me his gf. My phone had died and my mom was worried about me cuz it was getting late, and she called him up to ask him if I'm on my way home. The second time we met up he told me that he got annoyed by my mom and for her to never call him ever again - he told me this near the end of our date when we were talking. He wa salso asking me if I'm still with my ex or if I sneaked out and my mom was looking for me maybe. I reassured him that my mom is ok with me seeing him and that I'm not with my ex. Then again we met up for a 3rd date and things went well - he even lifted me up and kissed me goodnight before my bus came. But that night when I got home we texted each other and he sent me our photos of us together. Then I told him I can't wait for our next outing and then he told me "take it easy" and then he said good night.
After that we never met up in person ever again and he doesn't talk to me but he still has me as a friend on Facebook and Twitter and. He wished me a happy birthday last summer.

Why does he not talk to me anymore? Did he get annoyed or weirded out by my mom? Or did he think I was still taken by my ex? (P. s - he has told me that he's a virgin)
Is there a chance in the future for him and I to meet or talk again?

  • weired out/ annoyed by my mom
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  • insecure about my ex/ didn't trust me
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  • didn't want a relationship
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  • Did you still text your ex, have pics up on fb?

    "he second time we met up he told me that he got annoyed by my mom and for her to never call him ever again " he seemed extremely pissed off about that?

    Could add to it, he didn't seem to like a few things.

    "did you sneak out" Do I have to worry about your mother calling me again, also kinda seems childish to a point"

    The ex thing would be a main one for me if it seemed like there was still chatting back and forth.

    • Nope my ex and I were broken up for good and there were no pictures on Facebook or any communication. My phone diedand it was close to midnight and my mom was worried so she called him. What do u think drove him away?

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    • I had expalined to him that we were broken up - which we were. He also told me that all his exes treated him like garbage. Would u stop seeing a girl that u really liked if her mom called cuz it was late at night?

    • I personally don't let that shit bother me too much, if it was a girl I liked I wouldn't really care unless her mother was constantly calling my phone, at that point my phone would start being 'dead' most of the time. I wouldn't waste anymore time with him.

  • It sounds to me that it might well be a combination of all the above, but why would you want to see if you have a chance with someone who can just go off, ignore you and leave you high and dry after three dates?


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