Sent her message after date?

We had a great date and she kept making physical contact like hitting me, etc. I went for the kiss and she let me, then she hugged me.

Anyway, that was Saturday night, but I've sent her a reply on Monday morning (just now) saying "Was great to see you on Saturday, it was fun. We should do something again soon".

Does it sound clingy? Wasn't sure whether to send it, but I don't see her until Wednesday at work so didn't want to go radio silence until then.


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  • It doesn't sound clingy. It was best that you had sent something (Im sure if she had a great time she is sitting by her phone JUST WAITING for you to text her). I bet she is very excited to hear from you. You did the right thing. Just keep the conversation rolling from there, like what would you like to do next time, and just keep getting to know one another.

    • Yeah she replied "Yeah, sounds good". Usually I don't carry on the conversation with replies like that but she's usually closed-ended with her answers on Facebook but really open-ended in person. Is her reply fine?

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  • Not clingy. It's good to let her know you were thinking about her :)

    • She replied "Yeah, sounds good". Usually a reply like that is a cue for me to not carry on the conversation, but we talk in person a lot anyway. Is her reply fine?

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  • Doesn't sound clingy at all. Send it.

    • Sent, thank you. I was going to leave it open ended and have the last part of the message be a question, but figured if I'm going to see her in work on Wednesday, why not just ask her out in person as it shows confidence. At least with my message, she'll be assuming that I'll be asking her out again at some point, but she won't know when.