Have you ever experienced cheating/being cheated on?

You can be the cheating lover, or the one that got cheated on. Both girls and guys please be elaborate! You will not be judged for your opinion.

I think cheating is immoral, but that it occurs so much in our society that it has become normal. Please do vote on the poll if you have had experience with cheating, or not.

Anonymous answering is open if you find your story too embarassing.

Please be elaborate about feelings (guilt, love?) and mention if you know a lot of people who have cheated/been cheated on!


  • I have experienced cheating/being cheated on.
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  • I know someone who has cheated/been cheated on.
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  • I don't know anyone (directly) that has cheated/been cheated on.
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  • I was cheated on, that's why I don't cheat.


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  • Several times. Only cheated on one person who made my life a living hell, and only did it with prostitutes to try to cover up for emotional and sexual lacks without getting involved in an affair, and yet I still regret it.

    I've been cheated in so harsh ways you would not believe, because if it were only sexual I would have overcome it, and make my mind up.

  • I have been cheated on, and have cheated on a partner. It never works out well in the end. Not something I want to have happen any more.

  • Cheated on first and then always cheat on my girlfriends.

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