Is this girl mad at me or something?

So last summer me and this girl became friends, but she's in a relationship. She shy and gave me all the signs if interest. She'd come seek me out and we began to walk and talk almost every day. But she'd disappear on me then come back. It was this same cycle over and over. If get frustrated and ignore her and we'd do this dance back and forth all summer and most of fall. Occasionally I noticed she did stuff that would indicate she liked my buddy too. She'd flirt with him by smiling and flipping hair sometimes right in front if me but I never saw them talk like her and I did. When I first started she went to all the once a month group lunches. I started to skip quite a few because I didn't want to be made jealous. There have been some weird things in between. Since I started skipping she has basically skipped every lunch outing, except one when I was out of town and she was sure to let me know about how she went. There was another group outing she asked if I was going to and she called in sick, she's done this kind of thing a few times. So I don't get it. What's up?


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  • In my opinion,
    I think she's going to this outing just because of you. When you're not there, she has no reason to go. When you were out of town and she went to the outing, she might have been using that as an excuse to talk to you. :-)

    • Thanks! How do mean though? I started skipping a bunch of lunches and it seemed shortly after she did too. I felt she was avoiding them because of me. He. She went to the one when I was out of town? And what about the calling in sick? !!!

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    • Clearly I am. What about the skipping part?

    • What I understand is that she skipped when you started skipping. (Correct me if I'm wrong) Well.. you, her crush, won't be there, so why should she go? It won't be interesting for her if you're not there ahah. Just ask her out!! You guys cleared everything up right? You're frustrated with her behavior, she's frustrated that you're not asking her out.

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  • Only one way to find out, just ask her out.