She got angry over what happened while we were broke up, any help or advice?

My girl and I were together for almost 6 months but have been friends for a couple years... our relationship was great but almost a month ago we broke up for a couple weeks, she had been treating me bad. Couple days before we broke up another girl was coming on to me, visiting at work, etc... and I did kiss her on the cheek but I admit i shouldn't have. After me and my gf broke up this girl hung out at my place a couple times. We did fool around but I regret it... I realized where my heart truly was and I still loved my gf. Told the girl I couldn't see her anymore and she was furious but I let her go.

Reunited with my gf a few weeks ago... everything was wonderful and better, until the other woman messaged her in Facebook today and told her everything. So now we are broke up again and I am devastated... I didn't cheat on her, we were broke up when this happened... The other woman did this out of spite, just because she was mad that I didn't want her... made me realize I loved and wanted my gf more

I told my gf I truly do love her and sincerely apologized, and asked her to please forgive me one day and that I was willing to fix it and make things right but she's having none of it. I was hurting and vulnerable, was a weak moment... what can I do?

Figured that since we were broke up when it happened, that it was irrelevant and water under the bridge so I never brought it up


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  • she's upset because she feels like during that brief break you went out and hooked up with another woman. she feels like what she meant to you is cheapened because you so quickly went out and were intimate with someone else... you know what I mean?

    the problem with a break is that we don't take a break from our feelings. you are right technically you did nothing wrong. you were 'single' and free to mingle. but for her she feels like you did disrespect a bit of that bond you two had because you so quickly and easily went and made with another woman.

    • I never meant to disrespect that, I see what u mean... I should've been stronger and resisted that girl, and she was being nice to me whereas my gf was not at the time. But I'm tired of the guilt and shame and condemnation I feel, I hate myself right now and feel like im a horrible person

    • well you're not horrible. you're gal has the right to be frustrated but she can't say that you cheated or did anything wrong except maybe a slip in judgment. I'd just apologize and tell her that you understand how she is feeling and you are sorry for making her feel that way. Tell her you understand what you did and how that may have hurt her

      if you feel like going through that effort

    • I did that, but she says I don't love her... called me a liar and everything... not to mention I had a knife put in my back by the other one... was nothing but an attempt at revenge and juvenile. Feel like I dodged a bullet by not pursuing anything further with that one

  • Not much you can do. Just try to show with actions. She'll need time to process this and come to a decision.


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