Guys if a girl was a bit of a space case on her third date would you be turned off and not want to see her again?

It was my third date with this guy and for some reason I was more nervous than the past two because I was developing feelings. We went rock climbing and I was nervous around him I kept havig little blond moments and wasent as relaxed as the two past dates. I think I acted a bit awkward and reserved. I'm just worried this will be a deal breaker I don't want him to think in stupid all of a sudden this happens when I'm nevous :s.


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  • I think it is unrealistic to have each and every time spent together be this ultimate magical and perfect moment that can never be topped until the next encounter. I would expect some hiccups along the way. That is just reality. Your experience is just being with someone who is down to earth and normal! I wouldn't sweat it. If he decided he didn't want to see you afterwards and that was his only reason, he is a shallow douche bag.


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  • Did you have a good time? If so tell him (text, phone, in person) it should get him talking too


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