What is the deal with all this?

Why would a girl that you and had a thing for and she has a thing it me do this? We used to talk and walk together at work all the time. I don't have a doubt that she liked me but now I second guess things. She has flirted with a buddy of mine, right in front of me a few times. This used to make me mad although I've talked a out girls in front of her before too. Anyways, I ignored her for almost two months and was cold to her. I could tell she was mad at me bc I would occasionally test her out and walk up to her desk and she'd do this barely turn around from computer thing. Like she was too busy to chat. Anyways my buddy ends up telling me that she has been following him out to the parking lot every afternoon and getting to work at the exact same time as him and they are walking/talking together everyday like her and I used to. I park in a different lot so I didn't know it was happening until he told me. What is this?


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  • She is not interested in anything serious. Probable has issues and looking for each guy's attention... or as much attention as she can get from all guys at work. Find a better girl than that.


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