Why does it seem so hard to get a relationship?

When it comes to the dating world it seems so easy to get dates but taking it to the next level is difficult for me lately... I don't understand why though.

I am 22yrs old., gainfully employed, I have morals, a good personality and I feel like one heck of a catch (not to toot my own horn but toot toot lol) - ignore that. Um. It is really easy to get a date nowadays but it seems much more difficult to obtain a relationship. I will talk to a guy for a little while and things will go great... we get closer and then they just never make the jump into a relationship with me.

Is there like this unspoken "dating" time length I have to go through in order to have a relationship prosper from it? lol

Why must men complicate things - we are either exclusive or we are not... just speak up.


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  • Usually it has always been the females that bring up 'The talk'. I either say yes or no at that point. A man will not offer to limit himself to you. You have to force this to happen with 'The Talk'.


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  • A) "I feel like one heck of a catch" sounds to me like you are slightly prideful/arrogant. Men like humble girls, try to not think of yourself as superior being, if you do, change that.

    B) "It is really easy to get a date nowadays" Only for a girl…

    C) "we get closer and then they just never make the jump nto a relationship with me." What do you say, include more details, but I still think you have an attitude problem.

    The ideal girl is humble, submissive, thinks of her as a lesser being who must support and adore her man
    You sound like the average beautiful, self-entitled slightly feministic modern women, who is everything a man can ever be expect for a pleasant personality.

    Try to give more attention, than you think you should receive, than it should work quite easily.

    • A) It was an awkward question to ask to begin with, so excuse my awkwardness in the question. It was a pure awkward attempt to make a joke.
      B) That I completely understand.
      C) Getting closer would be getting deeper into feelings with one another. Talking about things outside of us... thoughtful conversation about dreams, life, services in this world and personal. A guy will tell me how they love talking to me and compliment my physical and then it comes to intimacy. As soon as I pull back and tell them I am not interested in "Friends with benefits" or don't want to do anything just yet... Then they start getting distant.

      If that clears up what I mean. Great.

      If you still think I need to deflate my huge ego - I shall go do so. lol. (<-- another joke)

      Maybe I am just a terrible joke teller and all the guys run. :) Idk.

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  • It can be confusing, yeah. I'd just bring it up when *you* feel like you're ready to be exclusive. And then it'll become apparent if he feels the same way too. I wouldn't try to figure out whether he's ready for it or not, or if enough time has passed, because there are no set rules about it and people go at different paces. You just need to know where you're at, and let him know.

  • Seriously. Like. No one wants a relationship. At least no dudes. That's why its so hard.