Help me solve this issue please?

so... this Wednesday me and my best female friend.. we will lunch together and go see a movie... we dont know what we will see.. but or we will see "the fault in our stars" or "sex tape" (her choices). She will make around 80km just to spend the day with me. she never did this kind of attention since we were friends... there was a time where we phoned to each other every day and talked for hours. waht does this mean? does she wants to spend time with me as friends? or does she want more?

PS: as a friends.. we never had issues of talking. we literally talk about everything without any concerns. We are both 18. We now each other for almost 9years. And the only time that she went to the cinema and lunch together with a boy.. they were boyfriends.

I am confused.. help me please


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  • It sounds like she might want to see how things go if you guys become more than friends. Just go with her to the movies and see how things play out. But act how you usually would with her dont get awkward because you think she might be trying to be more than friends. Just hangout and if anything happens that normally doesn't then maybe she is trying to be more than friends. However, if you dont like her that way maybe you should talk to her? But Goodluck (:


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  • She might be confused as well. She isn't for sure if she wants to go deeper with you or not.


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  • if she goes out of her way to be with you that speaks volumes, nice girl