Cancer girl (17july) & Scorpio boy (29october)?

I'm a cancer girl and my scorpio is so cold. First 4 months were like heaven. But when I started to say sweet things and care for him he just turns cold.
What should I do?


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  • 1. Your relationship issues have NOTHING to do with when you were born.
    2. Your relationship issues are a result of this thing called the disillusionment period.
    3. The disillusionment period comes after the infatuation period and usually occurs within 3-6 months of dating.
    4. This is completely normal and expected behavior.
    5. The majority of relationships end in this period as this is when you figure out who they really are.
    6. Now is not the time to blame your birth dates. Now is the time to dig in and learn how who you really are works with who he really is and if your real selves can stand each other.


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    • Just speak to him without thinking about astrology and you'll see him in another light.

      Right now your view on him and thus the interpretation of his (and your!) actions and reactions is blurred by the astrology you use to figure out what's happening between you.

    • I salute you. I so wanted to post something like this when I saw the Q an hour ago but didn't have the nerve to do it.

  • I don't know if your christian or not but I am. (Sorry if that offends anyone) but in the bible, it says that you should not believe in zodiac symbols. Your fate can not be determined by man-made prophecies, only by you and your faith in God.


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  • You shouldn't take these things so seriously. There could be many reasons why he's being cold. Psychological reasons. It's got nothing to do with his date of birth, believe me.

  • Birthday twinsies. *high fives*

    I doubt his sign has anything to do with it. Maybe that's just the kind of person he is. If he doesn't treat you well, leave him.