I've started dating a really attractive 24 year old Australian man and don't know what to do?

I met this guy on omegle maybe a month and a half ago and we kik it each other all the time and are basically dating. I send him pictures of my body and he's so sweet and caring and understanding

I don't know what to do though because I'm really paranoid he may get mad at me for something and leak the pictures I send him or that my family will find out somehow. I really like this guy, but I don't know if I should continue our relationship and if I do I don't know how to shake the feeling that something might happen.


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  • I'll save you some time.

    He doesn't care. He's using you for pics. There are other girls that are doing the same for him.
    I'm sorry.


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  • He isn't sweet and caring. He is using you. Stop sending the pervert pics of your underage body.

  • You've got to send me the pics so I can verify if they are good enough. Then we will know if he is using you or not.


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  • Wait wait.. What? You're dating a 24-years old while being under age? First of all, you're not 'dating', and second, why the hell on earth would you send pictures of your body to someone you don't know personally and you've never seen? What if it's a man as old as your dad pretending to be 24 and from Australia? Hell yeah. This is exactly what everyone would ever warn me for, but I never really thought it could actually happen to someone. I hope he doesn't know to many personal information about you, otherwise I would block him and delete him on possibly anything.

    • He doesn't know any of my personal information and I've deactivated my Facebook so he can't Google search any of my pictures and find the page. I'm the age of consent where I live so it's technically not illegal. I made a Skype account and turned off my camera to make sure He

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