GUYS How would you feel if a 20 y/o girl told you, you were her first kiss?

I met a guy recently at a club salsa event and we were doing really intense bachata the whole night, it was more grinding then anything else. We both enjoyed it but it was embarrassing to me because we were dancing really scandalous. Anyway we ended swapping numbers and kissed a couple of times.

Yesterday was my first date with him. It was enjoyable but a little awkward like most first dates but we ended up leaving the park early because it started to rain. I asked him to drop me to the bus station because my dad kept calling and he didn't know I had gone out on a date. When I was about to leave the car, I leaned in to kiss my date on the cheek, but I guess he went to kiss my lips, so our kiss ended up being really clumsy lol and then I made the stupid mistake of telling him that at he was my first kiss.

He is in his mid-20's and I'm 20. He was a bit surprised but was nice about it and said it made him feel special and then hugged me but I don't know if he actually meant it or was just being nice.

How would you feel if a girl told you this given what took place at the club because we were really dirty dancing - there was a lot of rubbing, grinding and ass groping.

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This is bachata -->
but what we were doing was more grinding then this..


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  • Ass groping?

    I voted for "weird" but that isn't it. More like, "I don't believe you." If you were letting me do all that shit on the first night, a total stranger, you think I'm going to believe you? Just what is this chick trying to prove by telling me that?

    Personally, I'd say, "her actions tell me she's down, fuck it..." and I'd treat you like a play thing. Just good for fun, nothing else. You let me feel all over you the first night, then you lied about the kiss (my perception)... It doesn't point to anything good about you.

    As for this guy, who really knows? Obviously there are some guys that are super liberal about things and don't give a shit... Maybe he'll still treat you with respect. Just watch out tho, you could run into a guy with the thinking pattern I described above.

    • When I say as groping, I mean one of his hands was on my butt and would squeeze every now and then, but it was not there the whole time. He did try to pick me up a couple of times but I can see what you're saying. Yeah, I'm not proud of my behavior, I got tooo carried away.

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    • well you could say I've lived a pretty sheltered life because of my parents lol. But recently I've been going out more to house parties and clubs and I've come close to kissing guys in the past but I've always stopped them because I didn't want to get something nasty from them and then I go to a club and kiss a random guy :/ But I did feel comfortable with him and I guess I was in that moment and yes, that really was my first kiss.
      I guess another reason I kissed him is because I wanted to kiss someone for a while now and I was in the mood.

    • Yup... dancing is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

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  • I don't get it. In the first paragraph of your question details you say that you and this guy swapped numbers and kissed a couple times. Then you say in the second paragraph that at the end of the date he kissed you and that was your first kiss.

    • I think you misunderstood - on the second date I went to kiss his cheek, but he went to kiss my lips, but it turned out to be really clumsy and I ended up explaining that at the club when we kissed it was my first time.

  • I would not believe her, but it also doesn't really matter to me. If it were really true I would slow things down more than usual if I really liked her.

    • I know :( But when we started dancing in the beginning, we actually danced but then it turned quickly into grinding.

  • it just means that now he knows your a virgin, the trick now is whether he is interested in you or what he can get from you

    • oi! why do I have to be so stupid :/
      I realized that after I told him that. I don't think it's a bad thing to be a virgin but at the same time I don't want him to use me for it

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    • thanks for your help

    • Your welcome

  • For me it doesn't really matter actually. If I'm someone's first it would be cute and I would feel really special, so I would only feel positive about it. But if I'm not her first it doesn't botter me at all. You can't expect that they didn't date anyone before you!

    • I know it shouldn't make a difference but then again he doesn't know that I've never had a bf

  • I'd feel really flattered and special :)

  • I honestly wouldn't care haha id think it was sweet and it wouldn't change my opinion on you

    • Oh it may make me wonder if your very religious, not that i would care if you were or not it would just be something that id think about later

    • Thanks :) I hope he thinks like that too.

    • I'm catholic-indian and he's jewish-russian, but his previous gf was indian too. I do wear a cross around my neck tho.

  • If she 's very attractive, I'd probably wonder why i'm her first.

    • I think I'm alright looking, but I guess he finds me attractive because when we were walking and talking he would give me this certain type of look, as if he's checking my face out and he held my hand while we were walking.

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    • thanks for your help :)

    • My pleasure.

  • If she's hot, I think that's awesome and I can maybe fuck a virgin that's hot too!

    • lol thanks for your opinion

  • I gave my current girlfriend her first kiss, and she's in her late 30s.

    • I thought it was very sweet, and I wish I had saved mine for her (she was the third woman I've kissed in my life).

    • awww that's sweet :)

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  • My ex was 21 & I was his first girlfriend & his first kiss. I felt that was weird & he was really prude.

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