What is your type of girl/guy?

What is your type? For me I prefer a tall guy with brown hair and colored eyes. A little chubby is ok but prefer fit build and nice smile. Personality wise I need a guy who is funny and down to earth, not a jerk. Smart, caring, friendly and social. Dresses nice and takes care of himself and most importantly- he cares about me and respects me.


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  • A woman that knows who she is and is confident with herself, not arrogant. Feminine, likes being pretty and a woman. Can look stunning, but can be casual and hang out. No drama. Honest and plays no games. I don't read minds and I don't want to be expected to. Is open minded and adventurous. Has OUR best interests at heart. Supports me and listens. Is her own person, but is happy as a couple. Wants to spend time with me, but can be alone. Wants to grow together. Is affectionate and is on my level of sexual desire. Appreciates me and loves me being a gentleman. Similar likes and sense of humor. Enjoys a night in together as much as a night out. Is my equal.


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  • I let you know when I meet her.


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