Do you think he likes me? pls read?

One of my brother's friends from college (lets call him joe) and I are friends on facebook. I messaged him one day asking him a question. then the next day he found me on instagram and followed me. he messaged me on fb a couple days later and asked me if I had snapchat. I gave him my snapchat and he snaochats me everyday. we flirt a little bit, but for the most part our conversations are kind of short so its a little hard to tell. then, I went to visit my brother at college and and I hung out Friday night with Joe and another one of his friends. we kind of flirted and were laughing a lot. we had a good time. him and I were throwing a basketball to each other while the other kid just sat on his bed on his phone. he then started taking stuff off his friends desk and throwing it to me until all the stuff was off his desk. the next day we saw each other at the fair and were hanging out in the same group. he was talking to and kind of flirting with other girls in front of me though. when everyone was kind of leaving he came up to me and started making small talk. before he left I asked him where he was headed and he said his room. I said "that's fun" and he said "better than the library" and laughed (because my brother and I were leaving to go to the library). when I got to the library I snapchatted him and said "save me". he snapchatted back a pic of him laying in bed shirtless saying "naptime". then I snapchatted back "lucky" and he said "haha nice library" with a smirk on his face. I then said "thanks for the invite" and he said "youre welcome to come". he then gave me instructions to his room. I got there and greeted me at the door and took me to his room. I laid down on his roommates bed bc he was out of town and he took his shirt back off and laid down on his bed. we talked a little bit but he was mostly on his phone the whole time (didn't take a nap at all). from this info, do you think he does like me or could like me? I really like him.


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  • Well at the very least he finds you to be agreeable. Otherwise he wouldn't have said you're welcome to come.
    Beyond that it is simply to early to tell. Nothing here confirms that he indeed likes you. But agreeable is a start. Just, just don't get your hopes up yet.


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