Are are air force ssgt really busy?

I worry for my friend. She is really a good person. I just worry for her because she has been hurt so much and she wants a relationship (this is her first time dating/ but I have no idea on what advice to give her due to the fact that he is in the military). I just want the best for her. She is seeing a guy in the air force he is an ranked ssgt. He doesn't talk to her often. She told me they flirt a lot and sometimes have good talks i guess. Basically, he is far away and is stationed in a different state for a few months. (Long distance). They only been talking for three months. But he has not talked to her in a couple of days is this normal or is he just busy or something else? I just don't want her to get hurt again... I worry for her. Thank you so much for your answers and sorry I have no clue about the military and I just want to give her some advice to help. thanks.

Is there any advice that I can give her in dating military guys?


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  • Tell her to be prepared for a lot of lonely nights and hard work, in my experience it's best if both are in the military, sometimes you come home from a long deployment or a hard day at work and need someone not only to talk to but someone who understands what you're talking about, I've seen a lot of military couples split up because they can't take it, I spent 26 years in the military and lost my first wife within the first 8 years which is common, I made sure that my second wife was in the military, and after all the years of service we retired together.

    • Thats intense!!! Well I will definitely tell her that. Thank you So days and weeks of no contact are normal?

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    • Thank you you are amazing. ^_^.

    • You're welcome hope everything works out for your friend.

  • Not at all. Why do you think they call it the "chair force"?

    • Thats not good :(. Well I hope he still likes her...

    • if that is the case

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