Moving into an apartment with your boyfriend sophmore year of college?

Hi everyone, so my boyfriend and i are attending the same university this year. He is a year older and already goes to this school. This year (my freshman year) im dorming on campus with some friends. My boyfriend is off campus with friends as well. Next year, my sophomore year and his junior year we were considering getting an apartment together off campus. We would have separate rooms next to each other and share kitchen/living room. We have been dating for 3 years and by then it will be 4. Any advice? Is this a good idea? Any suggestions? Pros: we have a great relationship, it would be fun, we could figure out if things would work out ( like marriage) before we continue our relationship just to be doomed, share expenses etc. cons: living space, 2 bedroom is expensive, we are young Thanks for responses!!

n though this is a year away im planning now so i can start to think about thinks throughly. This wouldn't be some rash descision. Also i no we are young but we are both mature, and have been on vacations together (out of the country alone) and such. Also the contract would be separate with the leasing place. So my name would be on my room and his name would be on his. So if things went bad (hope not) he would still owe money without affecting me. We also talked about it and if things did go wrong at that point there is only months left on the lease and we would have to deal with it. Like i said we would have our own rooms and different schedules and friends. I no having a serious bf can take away from the college experience but i really think i will marry this guy. say its an "experiement" but we do want to figure things out. Being in a relationship has so many pros but you do lose part of the college experience ( partying, multiple partners etc) so if (hope not) things didn't work out i would want to no as soon as i can so i can have more of that freedom, and not give away time. worried about him being over whelming, losing time with friends, being off campus


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  • Ultimately its your choice but you did make a good point about finding out if your are living compatable. Which is impressive that you are thinking that far ahead.

    BUT at the same time I also think its very important that you get a taste of living on your own as he should as well. This is difficult to explain but it is very important to at least get a taste of what it is like to have your own place that is 100% yours. Also that its important to be on your own because like you said what if it doesn;t work out? By the time you graduate then you will have zero experience living by yourself. I dont know if I explained it well enough but there is my opinion.

    • Thanks! And i will be living in the dorms and having my own room this year. So techinically its alone.. I do however have 3 suitemates.

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  • I'd only been dating my fiancĂ© for a couple months when I moved in for my sophomore year. Best decision we ever made. It's not the easiest thing, you don't have you're own space or do romantic date things as much but if you work through it, it is so worth it.

  • You sound like you've already thought about it a lot and you know what you're doing. You know the risks and I especially like that your boyfriend and you have talked about "what if it does go wrong?", means you're both very levelheaded and realistic about this.

    From what I've read, I'd say go for it! Sounds like it'll be a great experience and a good indication of how marriage would work out for the 2 of you too ;)

    • Thanks! We are very realistic about it and have thought about everything. Its also a year ahead so we will see how this year plays out!

    • Planning ahead so far is a really good idea too, then you'll be fully prepared when the moments comes :)

      I wish you lots of luck and lots of fun too!

  • Is it cheaper then your other options?