Tell me this isn't stupid. Semi-update on older guy status?

Now I've heard of many ways to turn a girl down, but honestly this is undeniably humorous to me. The older guy and I have been teetering on the flirting stage for awhile now. He jokes and complains how I won't have sex with him... or bake him pie. I started dropping hints that I want to have sex with him. Last night we kissed for the first time. No big deal. I hung out with his best friend and his friends wife today. She took pictures and I asked to send them to my phone. So I'm going to send them when I see Josh's (older guy) name in the inbox with something mentioning my name. Now I know I shouldn't have snooped, but I did. Rico (friend) and him were talking about the kiss. Rico text him asking about us kissing and said did y'all hook up. Josh said no she's not like that. Rico said you don't know that. Josh said she's a virgin dude. Rico said and? Josh said I'm not the one for her to give it to. Rico said don't you like her? Josh said yeah a lot but I don't want to be the guy to shape her outlook on guys for the rest of her life. Rico said she's the one dude. Josh said she is but I'm not looking for the one.

I know I wasn't supposed to see it, but come on would you seriously not read it? I am in a state of shock that the guy I'm finally comfortable enough with is worried about my virtue. FML.


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