Dating w/no expectations?

I want to find a balance when going into a date w/a new guy. I want to go in completely neutral. I am becoming a pessimist as I have had so many rotten apples for dates, that it discourages me from even initiating a date w/a guy. Just now a guy cancelled our first date not just once, but twice in 2 days at the last minute. We had no real set plans, but he cancelled very late in the day. I was extremely disappointed as this guy showed interest in me and of course I had some expectations. How can I date neutrally? I hate being disappointed especially bailed upon and I want it roll off like water off a duck, but also I want to meet new guys and not judge them harshly before I even go out.


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  • "How can I date neutrally?" -

    Don't attach yourself to anyone or any situation good or bad. Know that all things are temporary.

    Don't judge anyone or any situation. A rainy day is not a shitty day, simply a rainy day.

    If you can do this, then you should be able to date with indifference.


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  • Like Pedro said, that's kinda tough since having someone interested in you like that does create a sort of "butterfly" feeling. My best bet would be to dust yourself off and look forward to the next guy. Its like a guy asking out women and getting rejected, it happens to everyone just dust yourself off and get back on the horse. I'm sorry to hear about the disappointments and hope the next dude you meet is the opposite of that guy.

  • to be honest you can't. to love and be loved is to be vulnerable, how can you love if you don't give your feelings to someone?


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