I don't like my boyfriend friends?

I don't like my boyfriend friends. They're a bad crowd and are gonna get him in trouble. But he thinks he'll have no friends and won't make new ones. So how do I tell him I don't want him hanging out with them?


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  • Make him listen. He has to, for his own good. He might get angry at you, your relationship might have troubles, but remember it's for your own good too. If he's messed up because of those guys, you'll be the one getting hurt too.


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  • If you believe he could get into serious trouble with them, it could ruin many things in his life. MANY. I think you have to sit down and talk to him about what COULD happen. I know it will be hard for him to leave these guys because bonding has occurred and they are a support group, but the downside of being with a bad crowd is that a life-changing event might happen to him and not a good one either. If he leaves them, he will make new friends elsewhere as everyone does. All you can do is tell him, and he has to make his own decision. I dated a girl who had some other not-so-good girl and guy friends. I told her they were real trash, but she did not listen. We split up. She got into serious trouble with them and spent one year in prison. She herself is not a bad person (though she made a stupid mistake), but that record will follow her for the rest of her life.

  • Umm... you don't. It's not your place to ask or say. They're his friends and not yours. Doesn't matter what element they are good or bad. He has to make these decisions himself. In his own way in his own time. If it is truly a deal breaker for you then I'd move on. Even if you tell him, and he listens, eventually he will resent you for it and it will tear your relationship apart.

    Most of my friends girlfriends can't stand me or any of our other friends. But they don't make ultimatums.

    • I'm not making a ultimatum. He's gotten in trouble before. And he just is afraid that he won't find new friends later on.

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    • I have no girl friends. Only guys. And he doesn't like that.

    • Well I wouldn't like it either, but something's gotta give here. I mean I on your side of things now-for what it's worth-and I just wish I had some better suggestions for you. What about motivating him to keep himself busy through work, school, going to the gym, hobbies? You know I just don't know what else to do here. Sounds like this guy of yours could really and truly use a mentor at this point in his life. They can make all the difference in the world.

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