Why She don't post Pics of us on Instagram?

We been dating for three months. She don't post pics of use or saying i💗u and stuff. She did it to her ex but why not me? Here close friends already know we're dating


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  • lol get over it man...
    its still way too soon for her to be doing that. sometimes relationships work better when theyre not all shown off anyway. just keep it between y'all. u dont need her to post a pic to validate her love for u. dont make it an issue


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  • Maybe she wants to be sure of your relationship before she dives in too deep. Have patience.

  • Maybe she's not ready to put pics up of you two yet. Are u two just dating or a officially girlfriend & boyfriend?

    • Bf and gf like we hang out a lot. I spend anight sometimes. Play sports together go swimming. Make out. Etc

    • Okay, well maybe she feels its to soon to put pics of up of u two. Have u asked her why or tell her how u feel?

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