Would you want this guy to be your boyfriend?

He is nice, attentive, charming and goes the extra mile to do romantic things for/with you that probably no other guy has ever done for /with you.
Most of all, he really makes you feel you are a truly special and beautiful person and it's just too bad not more people can see it.
Sounds like the perfect man, huh?

Here is the catch: He has said and done this to/for other girls too, which led to many (say 50+) ONS, and by ONS I mean there were no dates after that.

Sure, he had relationships before and when he is in a relationship with you, you are his one and only; and if you are lucky it will take him 2 years before he feels the itch for conquest again and off you go.

My question here is once you have all this information at hand would he put you off or would you go for him either way because you believe every woman should at least once have a fairytale love where your prince charming treats you like a real princess even though there is probably no happy end?

  • No way! What a sleazebag!
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  • I don't see the problem here. Most relationships don't last anyway, at least in this one I am treated like a princess :)
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To those choosing B: would it bother you that he compliments many people while you are together... even in your presence?


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  • That's a lot of work for a ONS. Sounds like someone with commitment issues more than a player.

    • Not at all, he has had a few 1-2 years long relationships, just fucks around when single. Oh, he only goes the extra mile when compliments dont work in those ONS cases. I think he is vain and doesn't want one single rejection on his imaginary (?) score card.

    • Anyone that does all that just for a scorecard is a player in my eyes. It means all the work is insincere and for one purpose only. Do it for Love not a bang.

    • thank you =)

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  • it doesn't mean that a guy always did things to other girls could happen to you also, I tried to be like this guy, I was so happy doing things for her, but it seems she wasn't contented with everything I do and she seemed to weary already, so i just stop and try to move on, what really hurt me is that she wasn't there to come for me. and when I tried the same to the other girl, she make me change the old me, to a new and better me, what i'm saying is, there are different people out there who can change for the one they really love and give such efforts.

    • He is not like you. He gives hundreds of compliments to anyone that would listen everyday. Guy, girl, doesn't matter. Does he sound like you?

What Girls Said 1

  • I have no interest in being one amongst many. If its a ONS thats fine, but to date someone knowing they're completely devoid of legitimate emotion? No thanks.

    • I'm not sure if he is devoid of legitimate emotion. I think he loved his exes when they were together. Otherwise, he would have cheated on them. And from what I hear, he never did (at least physically).

    • How can you love that many people? Thats not love.