I want to see a girl I haven't seen for two months?

We had a class together and pretty sure she started to like me. She started to smile everytime she saw me and look at me a lot. We hung out once. I texted her a week ago saying hope she was having a good summer and she replied quickly but then I didn't know what else to say.


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  • haha you sound like my best friend. stop freaking out, just relax, she probably isn't sure whether or not you're interested in her since you didn't reply, but you still have a chance. you should just start a casual conversation with her, and then ask her to meet up with you at some stage. she seems nice, and potentially interested in you. she seems to have the same response as me when I'm interested in a guy. DON'T BE CREEPY! don't come across as too intense, you don't want to scare her off. anything is impossible :) good luck!


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