What is wrong with me, why am I feeling this?

One second I think we have so much in common and so much planned for for our lives together, then I want to break up, then I think that's a bad idea, then I have a gut feeling we should but I feel its a fake gut feeling, then I miss him so much, then I feel hopeless about us, then I feel like we can't live without eachother. He has no idea I'm feeling this cause it's clearly to hard to explain :( I don't want to hurt him. nor myself. I don't know what to do anymore :( Please help me


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  • Wow, if there was any conformation that women were indecisive...

    • I don't think it's really a woman thing, I think it's just me and i'm a horrible person.

    • no you aren't horrible, you can't help feeling like this, try and imagine if you would be happier without your boyfriend or happier with him. in a years time do you still see yourselves together?

    • I think I'd be lost without him.. and we've made so many plans for years to come where we didn't have to compromise. We wanted to do the same exact things, and we've been planning for awhile now :/ We aren't talking right now and he was last to say something.. Do you suppose I just suck it up and talk to him?

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  • Sounds like your hormones are causing emotions to fluctuate. If it happens with any sort of regularity that's probably it otherwise, I have no idea- that's a lot of up and down.

  • you need to explain a bit better. so are you in a relationship with him, if so what makes you flip back and forth like that like what dose he do that makes things confusing for you?

    • We're in a relationship. and I guess it's little doubts that we get from family (they don't get along well) and jealousy between us both and exes.

    • okay what are the issues family wise like what dose your and or his family say that gives you doubt?

  • Holy shit...
    Why do you want to break up? Focus on that at least and find an actual reason.

    • long story.. and I guess you could say there's many many reasons but they're all tiny ones but some of them we'd really have to fight hard through. like our families not condoning because of cultural differences, etc.. I don't know what to think/do

    • Families shouldn't dictate your happiness, letting religion/families/culture dictate your future and happiness isn't a good idea. It's like being locked in a prison and obeying.

  • The basic question is.. does he feels the same for you.

    • Not really, two indecisive people isn't a good thing.

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    • Go ahead with marriage and then sex. By just sleeping with him and enjoying with him u cannot secure or plan ur future. Having sex without marriage is like moving ahead with strips on your eyes. after a while u will feel u reached nowhere.

    • We've been together for 2 years. and it's not marriage/sex I'm talking about at all.

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  • Afraid of commitment Or have trust issues

    • I think you're totally right.. But I don't know how to get over it. I've never been in a relationship to make me have trust issues, maybe from childhood. (mother had an affair).. and it's my first real long term relationship but I couldn't imagine it any better :/ How do I get over doing this?

    • Just go through with it to see how things go, since you've never had a serious LTR you're just scared of the unknown. Don't rush into things take it slow so you'll get comfortable

  • I feel the same as you girl :(
    What I would do is really sit down and think what makes you love him, what's stopping you from being with him, why you want to leave him and if you left him why you would you miss him. I know all these questions aren't like exam questions which you can answer right away. Just think to yourself about these. No relationships are perfect there are ups and downs , if you know/feel his the one you'll be able to work things out

    • Alright :/ thanks it helps.

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