Shall I hold on to that tiny little hope given by my instinct?

He doesn't look at me much (sometimes I think he does but I am not sure)

He's nice to me and enjoy talking to me (and also to others too)

He's friendly towards me but consciously avoid physical contact with me (even accidentally) when he's totally comfortable with other female friends.

He comfortably makes sexual jokes when I'm around.

Sometimes, he acts cold towards me and don't even smile when talking to me while he talks with smile to everyone else.

He pretends he doesn't see when I need help.

SO, Yes I know he doesn't like me but my instinct tells me he likes me :/ (from the way he looks at me sometimes, from the way he is willing to have conversation with me, and from the way he grooms himself these days)

I must be crazy right? Please help me find some clear answer.


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  • always always follow your gut... if you are seeing this type of behavior then you should move on and find someone that truly does and can care about you the way YOU want to be cared about.


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  • Instincts are usually right.

    Follow your instincts.

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