Why is this guy acting this way all of a sudden?

I've been talking to this guy, and we've been hanging out and stuff and then all of a sudden was just mean, he called me stupid and then said some things that were just rude.

We kind of play around sometimes and call eachother names but its never serious.

  • was he in a bad mood?
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  • tired?
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  • not interested anymore
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  • there is always an underline reason to all irrational actions. From what you explain he must not seem the type to be so rude. Maybe he misunderstood something that happened and is taking it wrong. He could have been having a bad day but if he seems to be good it would odd for him to randomly throw a fit like you say. definitely something odd is going on it could be something complicated or just something simple like he misunderstood something or was told something about you that isn't true. In either case you should contact him after he has had a chance to cool off then talk with him and ask about why he acted that way make sure you tell him that its just a talk and you have no intention of arguing. a good way to start the conversation is by apologizing even if you did nothing wrong it will allow for a more relaxed conversation. If it turns out to be something dumb then you can tear him a new one, but if there seems to be a misunderstanding then you can either forgive him or leave him to himself. remember the goal is to understand the why; not to argue. So before anything say your sorry and don't understand what you did wrong but if it is something that hurt him your sorry then ask him to explain. It's an old trick used for negotiation to allow the person to open up it should work fine in this case to.


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  • well do you know if this guy likes you or the very least has taken an interest in you?

    • yeah, he's told me

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    • hahaha well don't care if he doesn't use them. the more you use them he will probably start using them too. that happened to me, a girl i started texting always did so many emoticons that i just started to do them while texting her.

    • alright, thanks, i'll try it!

  • What led up to him doing what he did? I suppose you did nothing and this was all him, yes?

  • Kherobably just got tired of playing around and you wouldn't ' change the tone


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