What should I do? Girl acted warm one day and cold the next and I confronted her about it?

So, I’ve been messing around with an old friend for the last 2 months. We never had an intention of dating because she goes to school about 3 states away and we didn’t want to do a long term relationship. Well, the farthest we when was just kissing, hugging, occasional cuddling. We always got along great and had a good time together talking and doing various things. Well, here’s the issue.

Last week on Tuesday, I saw her at the pool (she works there) and I walked her to her car. There I kissed her on the cheek and lips and rubbed my hand on the outside of her thigh. Everything was great and normal.

Then on Wednesday night, I hung out with her on her steps and I kissed her on the cheek. Then I went to rub her thigh again like before and she smacked my hand away and told me not to do that. When I went to leave, I hugged her goodnight and when to kiss her. She pushed me way and said NO. Now this is stuff we’ve been doing for a few months so it shouldn’t have been a big deal.

Well, I texted her when I got home and basically confronted her about it (probably not the best choice). She said everything was going fine until she wouldn’t kiss me and that she started to talk to her ex bf (which she split up with for the summer) and that it wasn’t fair to me since she was leaving. I was fine with this since it was never going to go past the summer. I told her I wasn’t mad because we broke it off but because of the way she ended it. She could have just said something while we were hanging out and I would have been fine with that. She was basically warm one day and cold the next. I spent the weekend apologizing to her for the fight (not the first time).

However, she’s acting a little off with me now. She’ll only answer about ¾ of my texts and she’s not real talkative. She’s not as open and warm as she was, and she says everything is fine (obviously not). We talk but there is some tension there.

What should I do?

We have been around each other and hung out about 8 times before this happened. We've been kissing and all that for at least 1.5 months.
I'm not opposed to doing the long distance dating. I'm that type of guy that will make it work if it comes to that. She just didn't want to do it.


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  • You can do nothing at this point, she is probably not sure how she feels now wants to protect herself and not fall for you right now. Maybe she feels more for than she would let on and is not sure about your intentions, you basically said that you do not want anything serious with because of reason xyz. Give it time.


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  • I think she is over it. You may be starting to annoy her.
    Have some pride... leave her alone, but if she comes crawling back, don't get back into it otherwise you'll become one of those guys she goes to when there is no one else...


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  • I'm guessing she was uncomfortable at first maybe, but she just waited to act out the next time. Perhaps you can just hug her and not touch or kiss her and let her come out of her shell, she how she behaves then.

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