Her very conservative mother?

I love a girl whose mother does not allow her to have a relationship before she finishes her studies. Unfortunately, the girl even agrees with her mother and obeys because she is afraid of getting pregnant during the studies. I think that she may like me, but she has a very conservative mother. Is tje mother-daughter really strong as it seems, broadly speaking? What should I do?


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  • Hang out with her mother and establish a connection, that'll make the mother permit you to date her daughter.

    • The mother allows nobody to approach her daughter. I cannot do that. I do not know the mother.

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    • No problem man, I feel for you.

    • Thanks!

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  • if it's just her mom saying "no" then that's one thing - but if the girl agrees and doesn't want a relationship? Then she doesn't want a relationship! If she's not looking for anything right now, then that's it, it's over. the only choices you have are to forget about her, or be her friend and see what happens when she finishes her studies.

    If the girl is only saying no because she's afraid of getting pregnant, then perhaps it's possible to have a relationship with her just without any sex. But I have a feeling that if she's focusing on her studies, then she's probably too busy to date.

    This really isn't about her mother. It's about her not wanting a relationship. so respect her wishes.

    • I will respect. Nothing else could be done.

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  • How about you respect the wishes of the girl you supposedly like because she seems to actually agree with her mother?

    • I respect her wish. We are very good friends, but I am so sad, nothing else.

    • Then wait until she concluded her studies, and try then.

  • Threesome with the mommy and daughter?
    You know you want it :) :) :)

    • Thank you, but I do not consider your idea even funny. I love that girl, wanna have a family with her, not that sick sexy game.

    • Jeez. Relax. Her mother is an uptight conservative for a reason. Uptight conservative mothers tend to have shitty sex lives, just my two cents.

    • Ok, ok. :) But this is not such a woman. This is a religious old woman.