Really confusing situation and I really don't know what to do?

me and this guy knew eachother for years , just recently for the past week weve been flirting , he came over during the weekend and we hit it off , he admitted to having deep feelings that he couldn't explain and that no one made him feel good bout himself the way I did.
we both really like eachother , but he is suffering from a mangled history and depression he told me he's not ready for the tittle of a relationship because of all his sissues he's working on and he doesn't want to hurt me in the process.
I asked him if he wanted me to give up and he doesn't say yes or no he just basically tells me that he's told me all I wanted to know and its up to me what I do.
I really like him , but I don't know if I should continue trying or if I should just play hard to get and keep my options open.
I really just need your opinion because this situation is really messed up and its hard for me to understand it on my own.
thank you.


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  • He's not really going to chase if you play hard to get. If you do choose him, you've got to carry the burden of nursing him back to health. It's totally up to you, but he's in a rut and he needs someone.


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