Have you ever felt you did nothing wrong, and it ended, and it's unfair?

Literally i came across the most perfect girl ever for me. I almost thought she was like my twin because we literally had EVERYTHING in common.

Well we tried it out, and things didn't work out. Why? Well... she's not exactly sane in the head, and she's going through alcohol addiction problems and etc.

Literally every drama, was caused by her. When i tried to rationalize with her, she wouldn't listen. Finally after 3 months we called it quits and she ended up going with another guy

here's my problem... as i said every drama was caused by her. i would say 98% of the time i did nothing wrong. stuff i did that i THOUGHT was nice or helpful, she took the wrong way (crazy or alcohol withdrawal?).

like i literally feel this is unfair and she "broke it off" with me for NO reason.

Anyone else go through something similar?

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  • Sounds like she doesn't want the nice guy, and you played the nice guy role too well. You weren't what she was looking for. Don't put her on a pedestal and say she's the most perfect girl ever for you. That's some bullshit.

    She sounds like she's pretty young too, probably drinks and parties a lot. She left you for someone who probably can relate to her on that level. You couldn't, and that's the reason she broke up with you. There is never "NO reason".

    My advice? Move on. Find a good girl. Be good to her, but don't be "nice".

    • I used to be a nice guy, i'm not anymore. i state what i want and im upfront.

      she doesn't drink or party.. she's a recovering alcoholic and shy lol.

      i'm just saying i feel this situation is dumb. i literally feel like i just sat back, and the relationship crumbled without me doing anything.

    • Yeah it sounds dumb. You can spend all your time analyzing what when wrong, but in the end you two probably really weren't meant for each other. My advice stands.